I Don’t Sleep at Night 我不在晚上睡觉

2022/10/31-11/3, Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH
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I Don't Sleep at Night is a multi-media installation that combines theater, game design. Visitors are invited to enter a theatrical space arranged as a sleep disorder patient’s room. By interacting with the objects within the space, visitors can co-create the narrative of a sleep disorder patient’s story. In the center of the room, a VR device serves as an entrance to guide visitors to a future world. In the future world, will humans still be living on a 24-hour cycle? Is "daytime" really THE “daytime"?

I Don’t Sleep at Night是一个多媒介装置。在这个戏剧空间里,我们邀请观众一起构建睡眠失调患者的生活叙事。